Friday, August 13, 2010

Marcos and Sally and Santos: It’s beginning to look a lot like Church!

My friend Tyler is a one-on-one kind of guy. He walks in God’s favor. Twice this week, while the rest of us were beating the streets, he has been invited to sit and eat and drink while he shares his faith. Both times, in different villages, he was invited by Marco (different men, but this just shows you God’s favor on Tyler…he only had to learn one name this week!) to talk as long as he wanted and share more about knowing Jesus.

If you ask Tyler, he will tell you that God began showing him the message that He would use several months back. He has been preparing Tyler for this trip even before he commited to come. Tyler proclaimed truth to both men

The Lord moved in both men. The first Marcos appears to be close to the Kingdom. The second Marcos, a young 17 year old man, prayed to receive Christ as his savior today!

There are two things that should happen when you become a Christian. First you should find a church where you can serve and where you will be discipled. Second, you plug in to the work and mission of Jesus….reaching others who are lost.

So today, Marcos got to meet one of the church leaders, Santos. Santos is a Hispanic man, whose first language is Spanish just like Marcos. Santos is going to check on Marcos this week and invite him to come to a church service. First issue solved.

The second challenge for Marcos was difficult. How could we help Marcos get plugged into the mission of Jesus?

We used the School property for our team lunches and lesson time today. To say ‘Thank You’ for not throwing us off of the property, Tyler and I took Sally, the school secretary, a bottle of Coke. As we sat in the office listening to the lesson happening just outside, we struck up a conversation with Sally. The conversation turned spiritual pretty quickly (most of our conversations did this week) and the Spirit began to work. Sally didn’t make a profession of faith today, but the Lord was clearly at work.

After we left Sally’s office, Tyler walked down the street to Marcos’ house. Marcos has committed to follow up with Sally this next week. He will be finishing what was started today! Second issue solved.

I know that it is over simplified, but in one day we watched the church work: One man came to Christ, met a brother who would disciple him, and is involved in bringing in the harvest…isn’t that what the church is supposed to look like?

It was a good day.

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